How can DoorDash use technology to help local Black communities succeed?

By utilizing existing touchpoints in Black pop culture that drive national conversation, we can create new, action-oriented opportunities that support local communities. Using existing integrated Hulu technology, you can order food you see on your screen directly from your TV.

Black culture is American culture.

People feel called to push for racial progress when they see it through the scope of the media, but often fail to bring it back home and translate it into actionable support.

We’ll open the door to all the flavor of our local black-owned restaurants by serving up a platter of cultural moments where the true star is, and always has been, the food. 


We will partner with cultural icons to create hype across social media.

Introducing Stream for the Flavor, a new way to interact on Hulu utilizing existing interactive technology. When you pause your TV on the right food moment, you'll be able to unlock a special ad for that very same food available from a black-owned restaurant near you.

Then, check out more shows to get customized suggestions for black-owned restaurants near you in LA, NYC, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago.


We’ll continue the momentum through Spotify music to celebrate the influence of Black food culture and utilize geo-targeted ads so users can order dishes from their local black-owned restaurants while listening to music that mentions the very same food.

Finally, let’s flip the script for good and solidify our local black-owned restaurants into national culture by creating an album inspired by, and celebrating, the flavor of our homes.

We'll partner with independent black artists and Donald Glover as executive producer.


Made with Mackenzie Thomas, Liam McKay, Ali Weiner, Ellie Proctor, Charlotte Robins, and Lex Coelho

Special thanks to DoorDash and The Martin Agency