Little Caesars Classic Reimagined

For the first time since 2004, Little Caesars changed their beloved Hot-N-Ready classic pizza... By adding 33% more pepperoni! Which begs the question; are you Hot-N-Ready to change your favorite pizza?

For some, change is bad. But when that change is good, it comes in little meat circles – 33% more meat circles, in fact. And with such a monumental change to such an iconic pizza, everyone is going to react to the change differently.

So, we rewarded the first 33 people to find all the hidden 33's in our long form with 33 weeks of our pizza with 33% more pepperoni.

To launch 33 into the internet abyss, we changed all the E’s in our handles, channels, etc. across social to 3’s to showcase number 33. We then waited for our superfans to notice and responded cryptically to let them know that som3thing 3xciting is coming.

And guess what? People loved it.

Made at McKinney with

Jameson Rossi | CD

Andrew Williams | CD

Mackenzie Thomas | CW