Manduka Yoga

Remember the first time you tried a yoga pose and it hurt? But it got better as you practiced? That's what it feels like to use a Manduka yoga mat. It literally get's better with each use.


Manduka-Sponsored 2021 Olympic Yoga Team

Right now, yoga is not in the Olympics. And it's about damn time it is, considering it's definitely a sport. Manduka will challenge Yogis to get yoga on the Summer 2021 Olympic Roster by pushing a petition and including a special CTA in each order.


Custom Yoga Mats to Help Set Your Intentions

People come to their yoga mat for a multitude of reasons. Maybe for you, it's practicing breathing. With Manduka's new customization feature, people can select a mantra to practice by. And as you practice more, the message will fade away until you no longer need it.

Made with Kate Power